Our Aim

At the LPF Academy, it is our aim to establish a culture in which our children develop a passion for learning that will serve their needs throughout and beyond school. It is our intention to create and maintain an ethos that encourages high standards, self-resilience, cooperation, enthusiasm and initiative. 

Our Faculty

The LPF Academy has a team of qualified, well trained and highly motivated teachers to suite the needs of a well planned curriculum. Strong consideration is given to appropriate qualifications, teaching experience and continuous staff development. 

The sports and recreational activities will be carried out by professional instructors, teachers, and coaches in supervised environments. 

Story of

La Petite Fleur 


No 43, First Lane, Ratmalana; a cozy little house in a quiet neighborhood, made way to an enthusiastic lady with a vision; a vision for peace in our land that could only be accomplished if embedded in the minds of our future generations. And thus began a journey that witnessed miracles with its each new step, new child, new life… The Little Flower (La Petite Fleur).


As the school kept growing in numbers, it became crucial that the children be moved to a permanent residence. The first official LPF School was established at No 32, Pirivena Road, Ratmalana.


The journey that began with just two students and four teachers has by now expanded to a large number. The little house was running out of space. A generous hand was extended by Reverend Father Anura Sylvester at St. Joseph’s church in Ratmalana where the ‘La Petite Fleur House of Children’ found its new home.


As more and more parents came to realize the value and the impact of early education the more they wanted someone like Aunty Bernie to be that influencer in their children’s lives. Soon enough, the premises were all flowing with children that the adjoining land was also added into the LPF grounds.



As her school in Ratmalana flourished in its vision, Mrs. Anderson realized that its fruits were too precious to not be shared amongst a larger community. And hence, began the LPF network, establishing its very first outstation branch in Lunugamvehara, which became the first significant milestone of the bridge-to-peace program.


Subsequently, due to overwhelming parent requests, LPF moved on to offer primary and secondary education to its students. And thus, the LPD Academy was established at No. 242, Quarry Road, Dehiwala, which, at the time was also the residence of Mrs. Anderson - fondly known as Aunty Bernie.



Another invitation was made by Brandix to establish an LPF branch in India, which was fulfilled by the LPF team with much enthusiasm, staying true to their purpose of sharing the message of peace with a wider community.



Another branch was added to the LPF network as the fully facilitated LPF school in Galle was established in response to parents’ requests.



The Abraham Lincoln Community of the LPF Academy visited Mulaithivu as part of their peace curriculum and during this visit, it was observed that the children in Mulaithivu were very much in need of an LPF Academy of their own. And this became the initiation of another LPF branch in Mulaithivu.


La Petite Fleur Ratmalana established the toddler program which is by now a well facilitated unit that caters to the early educational needs to children from 18 months – 6 years. It is available exclusively at the Ratmalana facility. This same year, another LPF branch was established in Batticalao at the request of Ms. Vasuki, a member of the LPF family.


Sharing in with the LPF vision of love and peace, a generous parent opened up their home to make way to another LPF branch in Diyathalawa amidst a tea estate, making the LPF family stronger and larger.


At the request of the Sunbeam Foundation, the teacher training center in Vadamarachi was established to create awareness and to enable the teachers to understand and uphold the school’s vision. This same year, as a mark of celebrating 25 years of excellence; LPF officially launched their philosophy on early education.


The LPF School’s network has, by now, expanded to several branches scattered all over the country through the Bridge to Peace program which is facilitated by the students and teachers of the LPF network itself. Aunty Bernie’s house is by now a home filled with love, happiness and grace. Staying true to her small school concept, Aunty Bernie is personally invested in all the students under her wing, making sure that the children are not judged for who they are, but are loved for who they are and whom they could become, with the right dose of encouragement, care and unconditional positive regard. Thus, she ensures that each and every child who passes through her doors steps out into the world as the best version of themselves and are ready to be all they want to be!