LPF Dehiwala 

As the second of the schools under the LPF Schools banner, established in 2007, we are proud proponents of the Montessori philosophy and method of education, and the pioneer school in Sri Lanka to take this revolutionary and globally-acclaimed method beyond the pre-school level.

The LPF Schools embody the educational concepts introduced by Dr. Maria Montessori based on her extensive research and observation of children as they move through their educational milestones.

The belief that education must be an “aid to life” influences their vision of an education that is holistic. All children are natural learners and only need to be inspired with a lifelong love for learning. Education must be  “a preparation for the art of living”:

The focus is on the process of learning, rather than content to be learned; on understanding something rather than memorizing it; on comprehending patterns applicable anywhere rather than case studies.

As part of the vision of providing top-quality holistic education, and grooming well-balanced individuals to take on citizenship of the world, the LPF Schools will always maintain the small school concept, with a closely-knit extended community.

We offer to prepare your child for life, and we educate the whole-being, focusing on the intellectual, emotional, physical, social and spiritual needs of your child, drawing not only from the Montessori method but also the best that education methods and philosophies the world over have to offer.  Dr. Maria Montessori viewed education as not just a means of transmitting knowledge but as a way to support the full development of children as individuals and as members of a community.

At LPFA, in an atmosphere of respect, where “For the good of the child” is the watchword, your child will be encouraged to acquire a life-long love of learning, and most importantly, will find out how to learn, thus paving the way to becoming an Independent Learner, the Master Key to future academic and professional success.

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LPF  Academy, Dehiwala
Tel No     : 011 2719715
Address  : 244A, Quarry Road,                                              Dehiwala.
Email      : dehiwala@lpfschools.com
Web        : http://lpfschools.com


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