Our School Anthem... 

By the children, 

              of the children, 

                          for the children.

La Petite Fleur – our model and guide
Little things done with love and with pride
Honouring the forces divine, we gather,
A family which is a clear sign
Of your mission and your faith, La Petite Fleur

La Petite Fleur – Les écoles
For each student, the chance to be whole
Balanced lives the vital start, 
We form mind and body, soul and each beating heart,
For each child is set apart, La Petite Fleur.

La Petite Fleur: inclusive, unique
To be true to Montessori seek
Be the change we want to see,
Watch our children find their wings and let them be free, 
To be all they want to be, La Petite Fleur.

LPF Schools, united we stand
For equality and truth in our land
‘Neath the purple and the grey
The signs of the royal wise and the noble way,
Leaders for our world bring forth, La Petite Fleur.

La Petite Fleur, we’ll never cease
To write of justice of friendship and peace
When from your halls and classes we’re gone,
We’ll still expect miracles, our hope goes on.
La Petite Fleur, together, oh yes we can
Shine our light throughout our land, La Petite Fleur.

La Petite Fleur, together, oh yes we can
Shine our light throughout our land…La Petite Fleur.

School Anthem

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