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Education is an Aid to Life

At La Petite Fleur Schools, we aim to establish a culture in which our children develop a passion for learning that will serve their needs throughout their careers at school and beyond. Our ethos encourages high standards, self-resilience, cooperation, enthusiasm, and initiative throughout each child’s life at school.



The La Petite Fleur Academy, located in Dehiwala, Sri Lanka, ranges from Grade 1 all the way to the A Level programme. At the Academy, we offer our students a small school experience in an environment that has been closely developed to encourage and uplift each student, whilst guiding rather than teaching, our students to be the best they can be, in their own unique ways.



Learning at La Petite Fleur is based on the fundamental principles of life. Even at a young age, we give our children the knowledge and environment to be courageous, confident, disciplined, responsible, and loyal. La Petite Fleur Montessori’s have always prioritized the independence of children, and as a community we are always working hard to develop our students as outstanding independent learners.

Who We Are
Early Learners



The La Petite Fleur Schools are an independent international school operating in Dehiwala, Ratmalana, and Galle. The Founder and Directress, Mrs. Bernadine Anderson, who is also known as ‘Aunty Bernie’ around LPF, began her journey as an educator in Sri Lanka in 1993, when she saw a need for montessori education outside the Colombo city limits.


Over the course of the last 29 years, La Petite Fleur has expanded to three schools across the island, delivering the highest level of education to children across Sri Lanka. 

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