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Buthmee Fernando

They say home is where the heart is and mine is in the halls and corridors of La Petite Fleur. For fifteen years, the community at LPF helped me discover my true potential whilst shaping me into a confident young woman determined to take the world by storm. 

The space for opportunity, initiative, and growth given by the unique curriculum of LPF has played an important role in strengthening my confidence and nurturing my personality. The skills I harnessed as a student leader during my years at school helped me in being recognized as the Vice President of my University's Environmental Association. 

The holistic approach taken to education by LPF is one that is not only unconventional but also long-lasting. Students are encouraged to participate in multiple extra-curricular activities whilst pursuing their academics to help garner a balanced individual and help one identify their passions.  

Class of 2020


Sabeeha Thanzil

A little girl at the age of 3 walked into a garden full of greenery and flowers, birds chirping, and children feeding rabbits in the garden, this was my first walk into journeying with LPF. It is not easy for me to pick only one memory that is close to my heart, because one experience strings with another and each one ends with a smile on my face or a cackle of laughter.


After graduating from LPF, the one thing that still stands out for me is that our school runs on having a single rule, which is to “respect self and respect others”; still waters run deep, that one. What defines us is that we make genuine efforts on embracing things like culture and self-navigation, whilst never limiting our education to the confines of classroom thinking only. Instead, we grew with the art of really putting ourselves out there and just doing the right thing, even if the whole world think it is only idealistic.


I am currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Management and Digital Innovation from the University of London with an academic direction from the London School of Economics (LSE). The main reason I chose this degree is because, it was an interesting amalgamation between two of my main interests which were the IT and business worlds, with the aim to serve the greater community. Even this mere decision somehow resonates on the way the LPF culture has played a part in my life.

Class of 2019

Deron Picture.jpg
Deron Picture.jpg

Deron Motha

It has truly been a blessing to be brought up and educated at LPF, which, from the age of two and a half, has been a second home to me. Being a pioneer at LPF, I have seen it grow from just 5 students in its early days, to what it is today. 


Life at LPF was different to what I would have experienced at any other school. With LPF's student centered approach to teaching, not only can I say that I am academically oriented, but I am also a well-rounded and balanced individual. I am glad to have grown up with a thorough understanding of being a global citizen, and this will always be thanks to the LPF family. During my career at LPF, we were always encouraged to participate and excel in more than just academics. Because of my experience at LPF, I was taught that education is not only about grades and results, but is is also about practical knowledge, global awareness, and basic life skills. This is something that the values and ethos at LPF uphold, as they make sure we live up to the motto, 'Education is an Aid to Life'. 

Class of 2018


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